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Antimicrobial Reference

To help ensure you are up-to-date with the latest antimicrobial information, Bayer provides essential reference tools in veterinary microbiology and the selection and use of antimicrobial drugs in cattle, dogs and cats. STAT: Steps to Antimicrobial Therapy and Target: The Antimicrobial Reference Guide are valuable tools accessible at your fingertips. Click below to access the STAT and TARGET books.



STAT - Steps to Antimicrobial Therapy - Cattle & Swine, 1st Edition

The Mutant Prevention Concentration: A strategy to optimize therapy for bacterial infections in Cattle & Swine
Developed by Dr. Joseph M. Blondeau
STAT has been developed as a desktop or pocket guide for veterinarians, veterinary microbiologists and laboratory technologists as a basic summary of microbiology, pharmacology, laboratory identification and diagnosis of infection and susceptibility testing as well as treatment issues related to bovine (bovine respiratory disease-BRD) and swine infections (urinary tract, mastitis, respiratory tract). Additionally, an overview of antimicrobial resistance and the mutant prevention concentration concept has been included to provide the reader with some basic information on these important areas of infectious disease therapy.



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