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Bayer Veterinary Services:
  • Have a request for Bayer technical product information
  • Want to report a possible adverse event or product quality concern
  • Want to receive product information
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  • Want to place an order
  • Want to make a payment or address questions on your statement
  • Want to leave a message for your local Bayer sales representative
  • Want to order literature or promotional items
  • Want to talk with a customer service representative
General Inquiries:
  • Need BHC-AH office directory support or the operator
  • Are a member of the press and have media inquiries (and are not soliciting advertising)
Charitable Contributions:
  • Are a 501c3 and want to submit a request for a charitable contribution or corporate sponsorship:
    Access the Bayer HealthCare Online Contribution site:
    -Select the request for Animal Health link at the bottom
    -Complete the electronic application for the request
    -Attach all required documents
    -Submit the request
  • Are a 501c3 and would like to request a product donation:
    Please email, stating your request, the organization’s mission statement, contact information and appropriate 501c3 documentation.



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