Vapona® Concentrate Insecticide


Due to acute oral, acute dermal, primary eye and primary dermal toxicity. For retail sale to and use only by Certified Applicators or persons under their direct supervision, and only for those uses covered by Certified Applicator's Certification.

Vapona® Concentrate Insecticide is an organophosphate insecticide for both premise use and direct application to beef and dairy cattle (including calves six months or older and lactating dairy cows). Vapona® controls various pests such as flies, gnats and mosquitoes around livestock premises, as well as roaches, sowbugs and ants in indoor animal and poultry environments.

Species / Premise

  • beef
  • dairy
  • Non-Lactating Dairy Cattle
  • Lactating Dairy Cattle
  • barns
  • coops
  • feeding


  • Gnats
  • Horn Flies
  • House Flies
  • Face Flies
  • Stable Flies

Product Type

  • Spray

Direct animal application of Vapona® Concentrate Insecticide controls flies and mosquitoes and it can also be used where flies congregate such as around feedbunks, fences and walls of buildings.

Vapona® Concentrate Insecticide requires only a one-day withdrawal period when used on beef cattle. Its concentrated formula mixes with water (or with diesel oil for outdoor fogging) and must be diluted prior to application.

Vapona® Concentrate Insecticide FAQs

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Vapona is a registered trademark of Bayer.

See product label for complete product information, indications and application instructions.