DeltaGard® is an ultra-low volume insecticide premise spray for the control of flies and mosquitoes in and around poultry and livestock facilities with animals present.

Species / Premise

  • barns
  • coops
  • feeding
  • For premise use only in and around livestock facilities


  • Face Flies
  • Stable Flies

Product Type

  • Spray

DeltaGard® is an ultra-low volume insecticide that quickly knocks down flies and mosquitoes. Its formulation allows for dilution with water rather than oil and its Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology (FFAST®) reduces water evaporation.

DeltaGard® may be applied undiluted. To maximize efficacy against larger fly species (e.g., blow flies, filth flies), recommendation is to dilute in water (1:1) before application, increasing the droplet density in the ULV cloud. Use DeltaGard® with hand-held, backpack, portable and truck-mounted ULV equipment.

DeltaGard® FAQs

In addition to flies and mosquitoes, what else does DeltaGard® control?

What is the product size and code for DeltaGard®?

What is the coverage for DeltaGard®?

What is the active ingredient for DeltaGard®?

DeltaGard and FFAST are registered trademarks of Bayer.

See product label for complete product information, indications and application instructions.